Android Custom Apps

Android Custom App

With the explosion of the number of Android based devices on the market you can’t ignore the fact that having an Android Custom App for your product or business can be essential in its success. There are a few rather common reasons why this success can hinge on the development and marketing of an Android Custom App. These are, market exposure, mobile device trends and customer needs.

A big factor in any business’ success is its total market exposure, or how many people “know” about your products and/or services. As of June 2012, there are currently 400 million Android devices since it’s inception in 2008. This large market base that is often times a tap or two away from knowing about your business and needing its services. Imagine if you gained even 1% of this market base with an Android custom app. That’s four million customers! Imagine being a restaurant in a medium-to-large city with an android custom app that you could share with your customers. They can get coupons, hours, locations, even book a reservation! Imagine being a shoe store and alerting customers to when a particular style of shoe is going to be discontinued. The number of uses to benefit your business and your customers is almost endless.

Mobile device trends are also another important factor as to why you should get an Android custom app. Currently, there are over one million Android devices being activated per day! That means in one years time, that 400 million Android devices will almost double. We think it’s safe to say that mobile is here to stay, and is only going to become more prevalent as time goes on.

Finally, your customers needs are vitally important to your business. From knowing the nearest location of your business to their current location, to knowing your hours, knowing what specials your currently running to what you offer. All of these can be major factors in influencing a customers decision to do business with you. With an Android custom app you can give all of these needs to your customer in a simple, easy to use app.

With so many custom options available for building an app tailored to your customers needs, you can rest assured that Quantum Web Solutions will be there from beginning to end to get your Android custom app done correctly and with the right forethought and planning necessary.