API Development

API Development

Sometimes in dealing with web programming we encounter clients who require not only a backend interface created, but also accessibility by other developers and community members to extend, use, and interface with the system that we’ve put together.  Doing API (Application Programming Interface) Development is an often times enjoyable task as it allows you to think about the system from a users/developers perspective. Being an internet accessible part of the internal workings of a site brings up some rather interesting details that many times you may not deal with when building a web site. Some of these things are API Security, API Documentation and API Planning.

API Security is something that really needs to be determined when planning the actual API. This can range from requiring a username and password authentication, a custom passphrase, a handshake based token, or using a pre-built library such as OAuth. Depending on the uses of the system and our clients feedback, we will be able to create a system that is exactly what they’re looking for and has security at the forefront of its design.

The documentation in any API can make or break its usability. Clear, straightforward documentation is what really makes it simple for others to fully utilize it. At Quantum Web Solutions we use industry standard API Documentation techniques as well as utilize the proper and necessary software to generate the API Documentation files for public access.

Finally, one of the last crucial pieces to understand is how to properly prepare the API for not only building, but completeness. At Quantum Web Solutions we typically do at a minimum a few different procedures when starting any new API Project. These include, API Database Schema planning, API Logic Site Flow planning, Class Hierarchy planning and Screen Scope planning. Performing these different API Planning steps allows us to feel confident that we know exactly what we’re creating is near complete.

While API Development is no small task, using our proven success and ability to abstract out the different requirements for API Development help us complete your project quickly, throughly and with completeness.