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Being a certified developer allows you to know that we are capable of  handling your Integration, as well as being familiar with all of Integration services to help you use the appropriate ones.

There are many little caveats with an Integration, especially in particular with an Integration using Automatic Recurring Billing. These can range from credit card expirations to correctly relaying the appropriate information to the site owner and/or users.

Some of the Integration services

There are a few Integration services which are used with most web sites, they are:

SIMServer Integration Method: This service allows you to off load the security requirements for your web site to the servers. If you’re looking for a rather simple Integration, this can be a great place to start. All data is collected and transmitted directly on’s servers.

AIMAdvanced Integration Method: What’s cool about the Advanced Integration Method or AIM, is that it keeps the feel of your web site the same. Meaning, the user always stays on your domain and/or site. This can add a level of professionalism to your site that you may want to have. It requires more strict levels of security on your web server, so costs may go up slightly depending on the site setup. Realize though that this Integration method works great for shopping cart systems whether it’s ZenCart, Magento, OpenCart or even your own Custom cart.

ARBAutomatic Recurring Billing: Recurring billing definitely introduces some rather interesting options for your clients, but also opens up a number of issues that must be dealt with by an experienced Certified Developer, such as Quantum Web Solutions. Recurring billing gives you the flexibility of a subscription based service with the power of’s end product solutions.

An Integration can take your web site to the next level

Creating a custom Integration solution for your web site will not only make your customers feel more confident when purchasing with you, but your site will appear to be fully custom and tuned to make the most enjoyable online experience possible.

To learn even more about and it’s full list of services click here: Integration!

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