Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

Having a mobile website puts any website ahead of the competition. With so many smartphone and tablet users, having a website that displays correctly on smaller screens is invaluable to businesses of all sizes. 

A mobile website is a version of a standard website that has been optimized to be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. When a user visits a website that has a mobile version on their smartphone or tablet, there are two options. The user can be asked if they would like to switch to the mobile version or they can be automatically directed to the mobile version without being prompted first.

The rise of smartphones and tablets on the market cannot be ignored. In fact, tablets seem to be slowly replacing laptops in many households. Today, there exists 120 million smartphone users and 60 million tablet users. By 2014, those numbers are projected to grow to over 150 million and almost 90 million, respectively. A mobile website is necessary to easily display your websites in a way that mobile users can easily navigate.

We utilize the proven frameworks Sencha Touch 2 and JQuery Mobile which allows us to professionally create anywhere from simple to complex websites that are properly optimized for smartphones and tablets. The design of mobile websites are usually simplistic and easy to use.

Ultimately, a mobile website is crucial to any sized company that intends to successfully reach their entire customer base.