Web Design

Web Design

There are many steps involved with web design that aren’t readily apparent to clients, which are extremely important when looking for a designer/developer. Some of these important details are expertise in coding and troubleshooting, the ability to understand often complex database queries, user experience and user interface design and placement as well as how to successfully manage your project before and after its launch.

Understanding how to troubleshoot existing, as well as new code, is something that every designer/developer will have to face soon or later. At Quantum Web Solutions we utilize highly technical tools such as Xdebug, Netbeans, Xcode, Eclipse or Visual Studio. These tools help us quickly and effectively resolve problems that may arise, since our designers/developers are well versed in using the most appropriate tool for your project.

Most web sites today utilize some form of database, whether it’s in MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, Oracle or one of the other various database engines. This then requires the designer/developer to understand well enough how to correctly formulate SQL (database) queries. Our team is well versed and highly skilled in utilizing and integrating a database in your web site. We’ve repaired many previously developed SQL statements to get your site functioning correctly again.

While the above technical details are useful to know and understand, most of this doesn’t matter to the end user. In fact, the end user never even sees any of this. The most important part of any web site design is to develop a proper user experience plan followed with the correct placement of user interaction. We have weekly meetings to discuss and review new and upcoming design elements, seeing how they fit into place, as well as to review existing user experience and user interface elements in our existing and upcoming projects. All of this allows us to work at staying current with the industry to deliver you the best possible experience for your user.

Finally, managing your project before it is launched is typically crucial to its success. Our web design team utilizes flowcharts, low and hi res wireframes, agile burn down charts and a number of other tools to help achieve a consistent project velocity. Once your project is launched we then put together a post-launch plan to assist in future upgrades, additional features and monthly support contracts.

Quantum Web Solutions works diligently to create successful products for your business. The different key areas of Web Design are a constant challenge for any organization, but with our focus, experience and expert skills we will complete your project successfully. Come share your design project with us to see how we can help bring it to life.