WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

Sometimes all you need is to have a plugin created for a WordPress powered site to accomplish your web sites goals. When you have the WordPress framework to work with, you can easily cut down on many remedial tasks since those are built-in to the site already, leaving true development tasks only. We at Quantum Web Solutions really enjoy custom WordPress Plugin Development since it allows us to get right to the solution without having to handle a lot of initial site building work. You might be wondering what are some examples of WordPress Plugins that can be developed, some examples of what Quantum Web Solutions has developed, and some of the main advantages of going this route.

The types of custom WordPress plugins that can be developed is almost limitless. From custom youtube integration, to building a scraper that then populates data into your Wordpress site. Custom control panel options for users that would sign up to your site as well. The wonderful part of it all, is that it offers an unlimited number of ways to extend the WordPress system.

Quantum Web Solutions has done a few custom WordPress Plugin Development projects. One of which involved creating a custom directory listing and associated profile for a client. The system allowed CSV (comma separated values) file import to load the profiles quickly, as well as single profile creation screens. All of this was tied into the front end of the site and offered a completely dynamic series of listings and profile for each user. This was then taken a step further and YouTube and Google Maps data was integrated with it to create an even more dynamic and user-oriented experience.

The great part of these WordPress Plugin Development projects are that we are able to get right at creating your solution. This means that there is no time spent creating the backend system for the site, just to then get to the point of creating the custom WordPress plugin. We know that time is money, and by spending less time developing the system and more time developing the solution, you get a better return on your investment.

Quantum Web Solutions has quite a bit of experience with custom WordPress Plugin Development and is interested in understanding what you’re looking to do and to see how we can help you create it.